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ASG Services | Accredited with ISO9001:2000

ASG Services Ltd | Recognition for Carbon Action

ASG Services - supplying internal walkways, line marking, safety signs, rack end barriers, guardrails, floor graphics, rack inspections & safety mirrors for your complete warehouse safety package.

  • After many years of providing the UK's highest quality floor marking systems and solutions to the Warehouse and Logistics industry, ASG Services have created the Warehouse Safety division, supplying everything from line marking to rack barriers under one roof, as well as project management and installation as you would expect from ASG

    Products offered include, floor marking, line marking, traffic barriers, guard rails, traffic calming products, safety mirrors, safety signs, labels, anti collapse meshing, rack end protection, rack upright protection, guardrails and elevated walkways, to name just a few. Clearly Warehouse Safety goes a little further than its competitors, with specific focus on warehouse safety products, which means the customer receives the most appropriate and effective package every time, and not what the sales person wants to sell.

  • Warehouse Safety sells products, however we also provide a valuable host of services, from site surveys & safety product recommendation reports, to health & safety audits, work place risk assessments, racking inspections, product evaluation services, project management, installation and bespoke product design services.

    Read about all the warehouse safety products which you might consider for your warehouse, choose the ones which suit your needs and ask us for a price or visit to your site. The website provides important and relevant information on all products, their intended use, suggestions on positioning, important considerations surround particular warehouse safety issues as well as a bank of relevant industry related knowledge to help focus the mind on safety and efficiencies.

  • is a single point of purchase for warehouse safety products, and related services, it is considered by those in the industry as a great resource for warehousing and logistics based facilities.

    The safety based products showcased on Warehouse Safety are designed, selected and recommended in order to provide improved safety for the pedestrian in the warehouse. However, careful consideration when selecting items is strongly advised. Products are aimed to help protect people from injury, but productivity must always remain high on the agenda, which is why a site survey is recommended to discuss and help with critical decisions.

    The company has received a great deal of support from all stakeholders in the warehouse and logistics industry. Manufacturers and end users have made it clear, that the time saving for Health & Safety Managers, Facility Managers, Site Project Teams, etc, is a great advantage, particularly in finding the 'right' warehouse safety product on the first attempt of looking.